• I am SunPeiliang, the beginning and the end.

    A Former Photography Purist

    An Electrical Engineering Student

  • Photography Consultant

    I began my digital photography journey on 2006 autumn, and during these years I‘ve shot almost every photography subjects.

    Landscape and architect photos are my favorite , and I am also willing to shoot old-fashioned style portraits.

    Ever since 2011, I have gradually started film photography with lesser digital work till now.

    I treat photography as a non-occupational vocation with super low productivity.

  • Snapshot of surroundings

    I only take shots of what I see in daily life.


    Shot on dormitory building.

  • Galleries & Exhibitions

    Here's where you can find my past works

    few recently shot rough works


  • Say hello!

    commets are appreciated

    Harbin Institute of Technology
    (+086) 18104610151